Operation Liberation – Community Values

Anthony Hake Uncategorized

Operation Liberation is a social justice group in Mahoning and Trumbull counties that is committed to restorative and transformative justice solutions that center the livelihoods of BIPOC folks. Just recently they hosted a discussion event at the Oak Hill Collaborative building November 14th. Their purpose was to “thinktank” addressable issues and make radical change in the city of Youngstown.
Some of the topics they talked about were:

  • How to approach gun violence
  • Leverage Points and Resources to Solve Issues
  • The rise of homelessness/poverty during the winter months
  • Should YSU be more involved with the education of Youngstown Residents?

This event was open for others to attend via Facebook Live and at the Collaborative building (although physical attendance was limited due to COVID). Many people were tapping in to give their input on what needs changed in the city of Youngstown – many who are ready and willing to see these changes enacted on.

To learn more about Operation Liberation and the Youngstown Freedom Fund check out their social media here. This is to help keep up to date when their next event/discussion is and how to get involved.