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Our Team

Pat Kerrigan

Oak Hill Collaborative's Executive Director is a former Youngstown Municipal Judge, former President of St. Patrick’s Parish Council, former Vice-Chair of Youngstown Urban League, a member of Leadership Youngstown, ACTION, and Mahoning County ADAS Board and is active in numerous other community organizations.

Steve Kristan

Retired AT&T Professional, Digital Inclusion Advocate, Broadband Coordinator for East Gate Council of Governments, Consultant for OHC. Serving or having served on various boards including but not limited to Greater Stark County Urban League, Better Business Bureau, and Old North Church Elder Board. When he's not busy trying to bring digital equity and opportunity for the valley, he enjoys traveling the US with his family

Ryan McKenna

Former Turning Technologies specialist, Administrative Assistant for the Oak Hill Collaborative. With his technical background, Ryan is on the forefront of discovering new and exciting technologies for the Oak Hill Collaborative to share with the community.

Sarah Russell

Oak Hill Collaborative Digital Navigator, with a strong background in DIY methodology and natural curiosity for learning new things. If you have had an ACP appointment, bought a laptop, or attended one of our classes then you have have met one of our digital navigators!

Stacey Miller

Oak Hill's Community Outreach Specialist, with a background in digital production and business communications. Stacey has been an asset since she joined the team, and enjoys spreading the word to the community of Youngstown.

Shirley Brady

As the Outreach Specialist for Oak Hill Collaborative, Shirley is helping Oak Hill spread the word about ACP in Trumbull County. She is dedicated to improving the community around her and has given substantial time and effort to to lift up others.

Anthony Hake

IT Consultant, Digital Navigator, and YSU Alumni, Anthony has been helping Oak Hill for years. He has many different hobbies from Drone flying to music, a well rounded jack of all trades, he seeks to help those around him understand and make use of technology for a better tomorrow.

Board Members

Carl James

OHC Chair, owner, chairman and president of Bearing Distributors, International; former President, Youngstown Urban League, Youngstown Playhouse, and Mahoning County Legal Aid Society; member, St. Patrick’s Church; ACTION Core Team Member; active in numerous other community organizations.

Fr. Edward P. Noga

Retired Pastor, St. Patrick’s Church, founder and current Vice-Chair of ACTION; Board Member, Western Reserve Transit Authority; Chaplain, Youngstown Police Department; active in numerous other community organizations.

Jim Kinnick

OHC Board Member and Executive Director of Eastgate Regional Council of Governments, civil engineer focused on improving the general quality of life in Youngstown and those living in the tri-county area; which includes Trumbull, Mahoning, and Columbiana county.

Sarah Lown

Board Member, and Senior Economic Development Manager at Western Reserve Port Authority

Dr. Cryshanna Jackson

Board Member, and Associate Professor & Urban Internship Coordinator, Department of Politics & International Relations at Youngstown State University

Keith Logan

Board Member, Director of Technology at Academy for Urban Scholars. Has been insightful in helping the Collaborative understand the impact artificial intelligence has on the average user with his videos and interviews.

Bob Jadloski

Board Member, President, CEO at iDK Green Technologies. Known for his contributions to the Collaborative in understanding Drone flying, 3D printing, and being a friendly face within the Makerspace.

SaTonia Johnson

Board Member, YSU Alumni, Youth Coordinator and Community Organizer

Patrick Kerrigan

As the Executive Director of the Oak Hill Collaborative, Kerrigan is also an active board member and works as a liaison between the regular operations of the Collaborative and strategizing long term projects with the Board.

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