Oak Hill Makerspace

Oak Hill Makerspace is a major part of the Collaborative; available to incubator participants, residents of the neighborhood, and other interested parties, the Makerspace is a “community center with tools” providing access to a wide array of equipment and tools including several 3D printers, computers, woodworking equipment, assorted hand tools, air compressors and the like with more being donated, borrowed, and otherwise acquired all the time. Our weekly Makerspace meetings bring the community together to think, build and share their ideas and expertise on a variety of projects.

Makerspace Night

Every Wednesday from 5pm – 8pm is Makerspace Night, where we try to gather as many bright and creative minds on the Makerspace floor as possible to provide an open forum to discuss our excitement for projects that we want to start, are currently ongoing, or have long since finished. Membership doesn’t cost anything, nor do is any prior experience required to attend. Let us know if you’re coming with the button below!

Makerspace Night

Makerspace Night Online Via Zoom

The last Wednesday of the month from 5:30PM – 7:30PM EST is Makerspace Night Online, a virtual discussion on Zoom, which is then live-streamed to Facebook. Be a part of the conversation, or sit back and watch the conversation take place. Either way is fine, as long as you feel you are learning and developing a brand new interest (or revitalizing an old one!). attendance is free, and like Makerspace Night no prior experience required to attend. RVSP via the Facebook event button – this month’s topic is “CEH – What is Ethical Hacking?”

RVSP - Facebook

Our Labs

Multimedia Lab

For little to no cost, we encourage everyone to come down and try out our newest lab – The Multimedia Lab. Equipped with as much professional-grade hardware and software as we could possibly fit in here, we’re confident that there isn’t a project that cannot be started (and finished!) within this lab. We have electronic MIDI keyboards, three microphones, Yamaha speakers, a mixer, and more than enough software to record, edit, and broadcast your favorite content.

3D Printing Lab

Additive manufacturing is the technology of the future, allowing hobbyists and industry professionals to create anything from Wi-Fi camera enabled flying drone chassis to miniatures for a tabletop game. Bring your own filament for big projects, or stop by just to learn how it all works before buying one of your own.

Oak Hill Robotics Makerspace

The goal of our robotics makerspace is to make tools and resources available for northeastern Ohio – in hopes to spread understanding and awareness of upcoming trends in robotics innovations. Here we have a plethora of tools suited for many different robotics projects, as well as robotic kits available for trial for those who are new to the subject.

Oak Hill Wood Working Area

Are you more of a hands on type of builder? So are some of us! Check out the tools we have available in our Makerspace for building your next project. From a CnC machine to a wide arsenal of power tools we are very excited to see what you make next.

OHC Learning Lab (15 Computers)

In need of space to teach a class, or have a presentation in mind? Our learning lab is fully equipped with 15 Windows desktop computers for your captive audience to follow along in. To learn how to best ulitize our Learning Lab, feel free to reach out for collaboration opportunities.


A Makerspace is a community center with tools. They are the foundation of a world-wide “maker movement” where workers, inventors, hobbyists, tinkerers, artisans, makers, hackers, designers, students, teachers and do-it-yourselfers can collaborate on a wide range of projects.


The Oak Hill MakerSpace supplies workshops for 3D printing, electronics, metalworking, woodworking, aquaponics, organic agriculture and composting, sewing, and many others. Members and residents are able to use any equipment they are qualified to operate at minimal cost.

Programs & Projects


The Oak Hill MakerSpace supports start-up businesses in the incubator that cannot afford to own and maintain expensive, but essential, equipment. Interested and motivated people can utilize the available tools and equipment to cooperate, collaborate, innovate, and make.



Members and residents are able to use any equipment they are qualified to operate at minimal cost.

Let’s get started

Together we can build something great!