Letter from the Director – Thoughts On My Trip to the NDIA Net Inclusion Conference

Anthony Hake Uncategorized

“Recently, I had the privilege of attending the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) annual conference “Net Inclusion” in Portland, Oregon. Our 300 fellow digital champions attended from all over the Country – all knowledgable professionals dedicated to bridging the Digital Divide. These folks gave me constant inspiration, as well as access to numerous other mentors and advisors. NDIA is a great resource for all, especially now that most of the world has realized how critical the Digital Divide is – especially to our socioeconomically disadvantaged population.

A particular thing I appreciated was the necessity for institutions like ours to act as “Digital Navigators” for those that need help – including significant internet discounts, more inexpensive computer equipment, and free computer classes. Now we are introducing “concierge service” where we will make available our very own “Digital Navigator” staff to assist residents with any sort of problem they encounter in accessing the internet. We believe this is the final piece – helping residents become comfortable with the entire process. I am ever so thankful to those who put this event on, and helped me reinforce these ideals.”

-Signed, OHC Executive Director Patrick Kerrigan”