Black History Month Events – What’s Going on at the Collaborative?

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Oak Hill Collaborative and Black History Month Events for 2022

When we’re not helping close the digital divide, having fun down in our Makerspace, or trying our best to get you the cheapest price on internet we can, Oak Hill Collaborative is known as a space for community engagement. This month is very important to us because not only are we working diligently to provide you with a wonderful event, but so are some of our tenants partner organizations. The best part? You don’t have to go anywhere else! All of the events listed below are going to be hosted here at the Oak Hill Collaborative.


Upholders Presents – “Black Love”

  • What: Black Love is a celebration of “what does love mean to you?” – to both celebrate valentines day and black history month all are welcome to join the organization Upholders (HER) in this event to celebrate the relationships that have stood the test of time.
  • Who: Special Guest speakers Mike McNair and Linda McNair will be presenting “Sharing Keys to a Successful Marriage and Relationship”. There will also be a special performance by Mrs. Monica Beasley-Martin called “Grandma Flashlight”
  • When: February 12th, 2022, from 4:00PM – 7:00PM
  • Where: Oak Hill Collaborative, 507 Oak Hill Ave. Youngstown, OH 44502
  • How do I get Involved? –RSVP via the Facebook Event Link


URC Presents – “History of Black Banking”

  • What: Join United Returning Citizens and Premier Bank for a special talk on “a year of positive returns”. During this talk, there will be dialogue on how to make your money work for you, rather than always working for your money.
  • Who: Special Guest Speaker includes Jehmall Davis, Community Mortgage Lender at Premier Bank.
  • When: February 19th, 2022, from 1PM-3PM
  • Where: Oak Hill Collaborative, 507 Oak Hill Ave, Youngstown Ohio 44502
  • How do I get Involved? – Stop in Oak Hill Collaborative, 1PM on Feb 19th


Oak Hill Collaborative Presents – “Historical and Modern Black Inventors”

  • What: Oak Hill Collaborative invites you all to a celebration of historic and modern Black Inventors, where we hope all who attend will be engrossed by the marvels of STEM and technological inventions that these famous icons are responsible for.
  • Who: Special Guest Speaker includes Arthur Byrd, Toastmaster executive and former YSU instructor
  • When: February 25th, 2022, from 6PM-7PM
  • Where: Oak Hill Collaborative, 507 Oak Hill Ave, Youngstown Ohio 44502
  • How do I get Involved? – Reserve a seat by going to or calling 330-406-0731 from 9am-1pm