Grow with Google in 2021

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“In a digital society, digital rights are civil rights. Access to the internet has changed everything.”

  • Francella Ochillo

About four years ago, Google recognized the need to upskill and train a new wave of professionals. To do this, they put together an entire portfolio of free workshops, focusing on business skills, job application and resume building, marketing, management, and as of late cutting-edge IT skills. Confident in their ability to educate the workforce force of tomorrow, they’ve even started their own lineup of “Google Certifications” that get individuals job ready in no time.

Given that upskilling and educating the people is naturally a large aspect of the Digital Advantage, OHC became one of over 7,000 partner organizations to help Google spread the word and facilitate these workshops and certifications. Working together with Goodwill of Youngstown, the Collaborative has worked for over a year now with Grow with Google. Here are some of the highlights:

Improve your Resume w/ Practical Strategies (3/18)

Earlier this month, we saw a whopping registration of one hundred and sixty people for this Grow with Google workshop. Hosted by Petia Abdur-Razzaaq, we were grateful to be able to co-host this virtual workshop and see so many useful tricks to making your resume more readable and yourself more employable. Everything from “should I include a picture on my resume” to “can I trick the screening algorithm” was covered. It is thanks to this event that we are confident that everyone who attended popped open an old resume and tweaked it right after the webinar was over. If you’d like to attend this workshop, the next one is April 15th!

Google IT Support – Professional Certificate

Google Certificates are a little different from workshops. They’re more involved and long-term. Thankfully our Director of IT Anthony Hake had the opportunity to go through the IT Support Certification program, and here’s what he had to say:
“This program allowed me to go back and revisit those fundamental concepts and fill in those blanks. With so many different branches of IT, I think it’s very beneficial to have that foundation.”

Communicate with Calendar and Gmail (3/12)

In a virtual world where everyone is working from home, it’s easy to get distracted. More importantly, everyone who did not have netiquette when emailing has had to quickly learn it as working from home has removed the ability to just awkwardly tap on your coworker’s office door when you need something. In just under an hour, this Grow with Google webinar was able to cover everything you need to stay on top of meetings, appear professional in email, and work smarter (not harder) from home.

Digital Skills for Every Day Tasks (3/9)

Let’s say you aren’t working from home, or don’t feel the need to learn IT. This webinar showed that you can organize even your most mundane tasks with Google’s Online tools, from making an errands checklist you can access from both your phone and computer, to organizing the households finances using a spreadsheet budget template.


And that’s just the beginning! Keep your ears to the ground for more OHC partnered Grow with Google webinars and workshops coming soon.