Community Focus Forum – Getting Residents Involved

Anthony Hake Uncategorized

April 10th, community organizer Vicki Vickars, Trina Williams, and many other organizations such as ACTION, Oak Hill Neighborhood Association, Save Our City, United Returning Citizens, Police Department Liasion, and more helped put this event together to raise awareness and promote action on behalf of the community. The forum was held here at the Collaborative. One of the many ways they encouraged action is by taking the initiative to act on their own behalf. This is accomplished by using “Hot Spot Cards” – given away by ACTION. These are used to anonymously report trouble in their neighborhoods.

In regards to the effectiveness of this event, Derrick Henderson of Save our City commented that these community events are important to spreading the message to young people, and showing them that there is indeed hope for their future here. The key takeaway from this event was that people should rely on themselves the most if they seek improvement, however, it is okay to receive help from different agencies. That’s why these events are important to have so everyone can be engaged at once. To learn more, check out WKBN’s story here