Youngstown Community School Learns Raspberry Pi!

Congratulations to 20 YCS students! Since December we’ve been working diligently with them to teach them the following topics each week:

  1. Week One – Converting Binary to Decimal and Back Again!
  2. Week Two – Learning the Parts of a Computer
  3. Week Three – Building the Raspberry Pi Computer
  4. Week Four – Learning Linux Commands
  5. Week Five – What is the Internet?
  6. Week Six – Building a castle Using Python programming language

While there was a few set backs with omnicron concerns, holidays and days off they proved diligent enough to learn a brand new set of computer science skills and we couldn’t be more excited. Who knows where these bright young students will go next? What will they do next? With the power their newly acquired Raspberry Pi computers, the answer is “anywhere they want, and anything they can put their mind to”.

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