Success with Our “Staying Safe in Cyberspace” Series

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Staying Safe In Cyberspace Workshop Series Was a Success!

December 6th brought “Staying Safe in Cyberspace” to Oak Hill Collaborative. Many of us go about browsing or surfing the internet unaware of the perils that could befall a netizen. Likewise, there are also those who are cyberphobic, afraid to venture into the world wide web.


“Keeping Safe in Cyberspace” helps to empower everyone with the tools and knowledge to safely navigate the internet and be a successful netizen. In addition to this class we will also be introducing a three-part “Internet Basics” class in January that will further enable everyone to utilize the web fully and safely. Join me and others at Oak Hill Collaborative as we venture forth with “Staying Safe in Cyberspace.”

— Best regards,

John Coligado

OHC Americorp and Digital Education Specialist