RESPECT – Mayoral Discussion on the Future of Youngstown

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Jamael Tito Brown Ryan Kelly Julius Oliver

On April 18th, William “Shimmie” Miller of community organization RESPECT invited mayoral candidates Jamael Tito Brown, Ryan Kelly, and Julius Oliver to the Collaborative. With help from URC, Academy for Urban Scholars, Excalibur Barber Grooming lounge, and equipment from the OHC multimedia lab Willam was capable of cultivating a productive, yet casual environment where these candidates could express their vision in t-shirts and out from behind the podium. Being given this lax platform, there was plenty of wisdom spread around. For example, here’s a snippet of the conversion:
Q: “How can you lead us in issues regarding our neighborhood?”

A: “For that, we look at the mayor, police, and the courts. However, it’s not just what the mayor says, or what the police say, but it’s the county judges, county prosecutors, and so on that are involved – and they don’t hear the violence happening in our community. We need to band together and promote an idea of consistency across the entire board, not just the local mayor, police, courts” – Mayoral Candidate Tito Brown

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