OHC New Years Resolutions 2021

Anthony Hake Uncategorized

New Years Resolutions 2021

What is traditionally the biggest struggle of January? Sticking to those New Years Resolutions that we all started a couple weeks ago, whether it’s to learn a new skill, lose some recently gained quarantine weight, or even simply making the decision to be a better person to others. For the Collaborative, our New Years Resolution is simple.

We want to improve our own productivity via strategic addition of funding and expanding our team via volunteers. This is done via grants, which fund our programming and facilities, and it’s that programming that pushes our needs to expand our team. Another resolution of OHC is to meet the newfound challenges of the pandemic head on and refuse to falter in delivering the same services and resources the Collaborative always has.


If you have any resources that you’d like to share with the Collaborative to help us accomplish our goals, feel free to reach out at the contact information on the services page. Or email us and let us know what some of your resolutions are!