Bringing EBB To Trumbull – Working with TNP!

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Who is TNP?

Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership is a 501(c)3 non-profit Community Development Corporation serving the neighborhoods of Warren, Ohio. TNP’s mission is to empower residents through programming and projects that improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods of Warren. Please take the time to look around the website and see what TNP is all about.

How OHC & TNP Are Bringing EBB To Trumbull County

If you’re eligible for the Emergency Broadband Benefit, there are a few options to enroll. You can do it yourself from their website, and then give your internet service provider a call after you find out that you are eligible to complete the enrollment. However, it can be a complicated process, especially if you do not have a computer or internet at home. Oak Hill Collaborative has been helping with this by providing guided enrollment appointments at our facility.

Pictured: Lexi D. and Miles J. – EBB Intake Specialists from OHC and TNP Respectively

If you are not local to the Youngstown area or don’t want to drive to Mahoning county for help, we can certainly email all the steps you need to get started! Which…still doesn’t help if you don’t have regular access to the internet.

This is where Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership comes in: they are a remote site away from the OHC facility providing the same exact services we do at our facility – but in Warren! If this is much more convenient for you we highly recommend you give their site a visit, from 1:00PM to 4:00PM every Thursday. Please call ahead using the information below to ensure that one of TNP’s or OHC’s EBB Intake Specialists will be available to assist you.

Address: 736 Mahoning Ave, Warren, OH 44483

Phone: 330-406-0731