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COVID-19: OHC’s Response

Anthony Hake Link, Standard

Update (11/10/2020) – As of today OHC is still open and operating. We understand that as a community resource the utilities we provide to the community are invaluable and essential, and therefore are continuing to provide our services during this time of great need in Youngstown/Mahoning area. PPE is still being provided, and space is still being closely monitored and sanitized.


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In recent events, OHC has seen a fair share of hectic pandamonium over developments of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. Here at the collaborative, we make it our priority to ensure that citizens of the Mahoning Valley (and all over) can stay informed, and have the best resources available in their time of need. As a result, we have compiled a list of information that may be deemed relevant at this time. All of which will be referenced by the source in which it came from so that you can fact check us should anything be incorrect or misleading. Bookmark this post as it will contain new information as said information becomes available.

  • In the State of Ohio, there are currently 50 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with a cumulative number of 333 individuals under health supervision. (This information is dated. For current numbers, look at this tracker)
  • If you have any of the following symptoms, seek medical attention in a calm manner. (Note that emergency services may not be able to assist you and that you may be told to self-quarantine. It’s crucial that you stay level headed during this time, and follow any steps given by your health professional)
    • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
    • New confusion or inability to arouse
    • Bluish lips or face.
    • Some have also reported that flu-like symptoms arise.
      • Given that it is flu season, do no assume that symptoms of flu immediately imply a COVID-19 infection.
    • For other health-related questions about COVID-19, call this number provided by the Ohio Department of Health: 1-833-427-5634
  • To take preventative measures, the CDC recommends the following:
    • Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces often. This can include but is not limited to handrails, doorknobs, keyboards/mice for computers, etc
    • Wash hands often – this helps rid yourself of the germs and anything you may have touched that could have been infected
    • Refrain from touching your face or orifices if it can be helped – COVID-19 is a viral infection, and your mouth is the fast track to the system it wants to infect
  • As of March 12th, Governor DeWine announced that school closures from K-12 will be extended up to 3 three weeks starting March 16th until April 3rd, with the possibility of closures being extended to the end of the academic school year (conditions pending).
    • For those who have children suddenly home all hours of the day but still work, there is also a community of college students who suddenly find themselves with more free time than expected. They may be interested in assisting with babysitting. Reach out to members of your community so that you can aid each other in this time of need.
    • Local schools are also developing strategies for those who still need lunches during their extended stay at home.
  • As of March 15th, Governor DeWine announced that the state government will issue an order closing all bars and restaurants in Ohio beginning at 9pm ET.
    • Employees affected by layoffs and unemployment are encouraged to look into resources available at
    • Carry-out and delivery services are still available. For those who don’t deliver but worked at a Uber-Eats (or similar service) enabled establishment, we recommend inquiring about employment options regarding those kinds of services.
  • As of March 16th, Governor Dewine announced the closure of Ohio movie theaters. This is in compliance with CDCs recommendation to avoid areas with 50 people or more, such as gyms, fitness centers, recreation centers, bowling alleys, indoor water parks, and trampoline parks.
  • Also as of March 16th, Ohio Department of Health issued a Director’s Order closing polling locations for March 17th Primary election.
  • As of March 19th, Ohio Department of Health issued a Director’s Order closing hair salons, nail salons, barber shops, tattoo parlors, body piercing locations, and massage therapy sessions.
  • As of March 22nd, Ohio Department of Health issued a “Stay at Home” Directors Order urging all individuals to stay in their homes to prevent the spread of infection, with special exceptions. Details can be found here.
  • Many places are now asking their employees to work remotely
    • If you already have worked remotely, chances are you have the resources available to make this transition. For those of you who are new to this experience, TechSoup has written a wonderful blog post on how to best get acclimated here.
    • In addition to many of the other services being offered in attempt to help people work from home, Oak Hill Collaborative is also providing inexpensive solutions for those who do not have a computer at home. This effort is purely non-profit and all funds acquired go into the repair and installation of crucial software (such as office365) for more machines. For details or information regarding this service, email OHC Director of IT at
  • Finally, remember that there are people who may need your help. Unless you live alone, there are people right under your roof who can use your guidance. The resources below are the best way to inform yourself on how to manage your household moving forward.