Who is the Oak Hill Robotics Makerspace (ORM)?

Oak Hill Robotics Makerspace has been operating with the help of Youngstown Chapter Association for Machining and Computing since 2016. Embedded in the heart of the Oak Hill Makerspace, ORM has seen a lot of traction and worked on various projects (as briefly detailed above). Ever since it’s opening it’s been available to the public and operating (albeit to a limited capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic) for those with an interest in robotics, computer science, or electrical engineering. To tour the space or reserve it for a period of time, please reach out with the reservation button on our Calendar page. To introduce you to the space, Tracey H. has curated a video introduction which you can view below:


Oak Hill Robotics Makerspace – Current Programmingohc-robotics-page



A Visual History of ORM

Tab through these photos to really get a sense of what the environment at the makerspace was like – projects everywhere! Always a new gadget or robot to program and experiment with. Oak Hil Robotics makerspace even had their own band! They practiced upstairs in the main area when the offices were empty, and would jam out all evening.

Kevin Jacobson Tribute

Kevin Jacobson was a staple at the Oak Hill Robotics Lab. Graciously donating hours of his time and expertise to those who were genuinely curious. He was witty, smart, and had so many great ideas that ORM plans to implement. He is missed as a colleague but more so as a friend. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife, children, and friends. In his memory, ACM has put together a video for him which will also be immortalized here on the ORM webpage.

Some of ORM’s Projects

CTest Labs

How to Get Involved

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all but certainly left its mark on ORM’s operations. Transitioning from working in a collaborative space to having to tinker miles apart from each other has definitely changed how things operate. To inquire about joining North Eastern Ohio Association for Machining and Computing, or to be notified when ORM’s next event is – be sure to check out the buttons below:

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