Programs & Projects

Weekly Wednesday Makerspace Meetups

Makerspace members meet every Wednesday at 4pm to build, create, and innovate together. Meetings are free and open to the public. In addition, Makerspace members offer occasional classes and workshops on a variety of topics. Please sign up for our soon to be coming newsletter for the latest updates!

Weekly Robots Makerspace Meetings

Join Makerspace members on alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm to assisting our adult robotics teams with their ongoing projects — the CSI/CLUE Robotics Challenge, the Farmbot Project, and the MCPLC (Mill Creek Lakes Project) Robotics Video Survey. This group is not for beginners. ( Contact Tracey Hughes at for interest or more information.)


Raspberry Pi

A fun and innovative way to inspire Youngstown youth to learn and connect with technology and one another! Over the six week course, each young aspiring student will learn to assemble, configure, and install wireless internet on their Raspberry Pi microcomputer through a series of fun and exciting workshops with experienced engineers and computer programmers from the Oak Hill Makerspace.

For more information on how to get involved as an instructor, email Anthony Hake the OHC Administrative Assistant


Social Media 101
Watch for our future collaborations between the Oak Hill Collaborative & the Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator, this course assists local entrepreneurs in utilizing free social media platforms to further brand their business. Class presenter Alan Charity leads ‘how to’ sessions covering major social media platforms and giving examples of local companies successfully utilizing these platforms to better market their businesses. This course is FREE, but space is limited. Please click here for more information.