Meet the Collaborative: Bob Jadloski

Anthony Hake Uncategorized

Who is Bob Jadloski?

Bob Jadloski is an artist, inventor, and jack of all trades. Ohio born and raised, and a current resident of Niles, Bob’s background is in IT, robotics, and photography. He has been a professional photographer since he was sixteen years old and currently shoots a variety of events including golf outings, class reunions, and political events, and music

Now a dedicated Board Member for OHC, Bob worked to develop a number of projects including a “free pressure generator”, which utilizes the kinetic energy to turn turbines (which then generate electricity) – and his drone program. With this program Bob envisions the Oak Hill Makerspace as a place to both building and providing training on how to operate drones for a variety of programs and purposes. To learn more about Bob’s ideas or to get involved in the drone program, contact him at