Digital Inclusion Week 2022 – Presentation Lineup

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Digital Inclusion Week is finally upon us! What this means if we’ve got a whole WEEK of workshops prepared for you! See the schedule and blurbs below to see if any of them strike your interest. If you are interested in Youngstown Work‘s hiring event on the 4th, we HIGHLY recommend you attend our free resume writing workshop on the 3rd. If you are interested in ANY of these wonderful workshops, we highly recommend you RSVP to reserve reminders when they’re happening! Click here to reserve your spot

DIW 2022 Schedule


Here are all the dates/times for the talks we have prepared, as well as whether they’ll be in person, remote, or both.


Oct 2nd, 4:00PM, Oak Hill Facebook Live

We’re kicking off Digital Inclusion Week with a bonus workshop! Anthony Hake, Director of IT at the Oak Hill Collaborative, is going to be present on how to program a Raspberry Pi Pico to use its onboard sensor as a temperature sensor! All of this is going to be live-streamed to the Oak Hill Collaborative Facebook Page at 4:00PM Oct 2nd

Oct 3rd, 4:00PM, In Person at 507 Oak Hill Ave, Youngstown OH

Got an old resume that needs to be revised? Stop by our Resume Workshop next week to get help starting, editing, finishing, and printing your resume! Brought to you by Oak Hill Collaborative, and this will be in person in the Digital Learning Center at 507 Oak Hill Ave. Youngstown OH 44502, Oct 3rd at 4:00PM

Oct 4th, NOON, In Person at 507 Oak Hill Ave, Youngstown OH

Smart cities are becoming the talk of the town – why not listen in? We welcome presenter Steve Kristan, Digital Equity Consultant for East Gate Council of Governments to give a very informational in person presentation on this topic at the Oak Hill Collaborative (see above for address), Oct 4th at Noon.

Oct 5th, 6:00PM, Hybrid, Oak Hill Facebook Live and at 507 Oak Hill Ave, Youngstown OH

Part two of a four-part series, CTEST labs is kicking off with some wonderful virtual content on how to start your first robotics project using Arduino and Raspberry Pi! Tune in October 5th, at 6:00PM

Oct 6th, 3:00PM, Hybrid, Oak Hill Facebook Live and at 507 Oak Hill Ave, Youngstown OH

We are proud to welcome Amazon Security Consultant Wes Stanton to the Oak Hill Collaborative, who will be virtually presenting a very interesting talk on how some of the same exploits used in speed running video games can be used to break into an information system. Tune in Oct 6th at 3:00PM!

Oct 7th, 6:00PM, Hybrid, Oak Hill Facebook Live and at 507 Oak Hill Ave, Youngstown OH

Last but never least, we welcome back a return presenter Himari who will be revisiting a topic from her talk in 2021 – the software involved in becoming a virtual avatar! Sounds out of this world, but if they can do it right here in our multimedia lab then so can you! Tap in for this virtual presentation Oct 7th at 6:00PM