Introductory Website Development

Free Introductory Website Development Class

Kendra Corpier Events

An introductory to website development will be offered and is free to all that wish to begin designing and coding websites. Coordinated with Code Hearted and taught by Jay White of RunningH20, attendees will learn the basics of website design, development, and elementary principles. Attendees will finish the class with the basic knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, as well as …

featured image for Digital Inclusion Week schedule at the Oak Hill Collaborative. The image is also representative of the Digital Advantage Initiative

Free Computer Education Classes – Join Us For Digital Inclusion Week

Kendra Corpier Events

This is the schedule of events at the Oak Hill Collaborative for Digital Inclusion Week. If you’re looking to become more adept to computers, technology, the Internet, and even beginning Web Site development, we are sponsoring free computer-related education classes the week of May 7-11. Schedule Of Events Computer Security & Safety Jeremy Mio – USA Homeland Security Tuesday, May …

USB Camera to Raspberry PI

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Raspberry PI comes with a custom really cool camera interface. It’s basically a smart phone camera interface directly to the GPU and system. The camera connects to the Image System Pipeline (ISP) in the Raspberry Pi’s SoC, where the incoming camera data is processed and eventually converted to an image or video on the SD card (or other storage). …

Class on 3d Printing in the Makerspace

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START HERE FOR BACKGROUND WikiPages has a good read on the general topic: Start here: 3D printing 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) refers to any of the various processes for printing a three-dimensional object. Primarily additive processes are used, in which successive layers of material are laid down under computer control. These objects can be of almost any shape …